Don’t worry, just do it!

It’s pretty safe to say that real life is so random it’s almost surreal. At the time of this writing I’m holed-up in my house waiting for the coronavirus to die out, something I couldn’t have imagined would happen a week ago. The bull market, which some people thought would last forever for some reason, has plummeted. I just read that the Dow Jones lost all of the gains that it accumulated since President Trump took office! That’s almost four years of growth, vanished into thin air!

Right now, you should be washing your hands, social distancing and all that other jazz. You should know the drill by now. But while you’re stuck in your room, realize that you can do something now that future you will want to pat you on the back for. Start that business or Youtube channel you were dreaming of, open your IRAs and investment accounts, and do the things that other people right now are afraid to do.

“But nobody’s buying things! The stock market is crashing, it’s The Great Depression: The Sequel!!”

Good point, and that’s a movie I’d like to see. In times like these, some people do really badly, and others get really rich. Like, really rich. Just ask this guy, his name is Warren Buffet. The name does sound familiar, doesn’t it?

Don’t think that you need to wait for the “right time” to start. That’s the trap that everyone falls into, the “someday stupidity” if you will (I made that up on the fly, appreciate it!). To be successful, you have to do what others will not, so start something and stick with it! Thank yourself later.

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